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Lisa P. Turner

Lisa is the home improvement reporter for the Earth Area Progress, the Dirt District paper situated in Hayesville, North Carolina. She is an authorized general worker for hire and home overseer. She established Your Examination Master, Inc., a private review organization, in 2008.

Lisa grew up dismantling things and playing with the young men. In the wake of moving on from school, she began a bike shop, went to night school for a science certification, and took on unspecialized temp jobs in private and business development.

In 2006, Lisa began Your Accomplishment Mentor, a training and instructing practice that zeroed in on conveying arranging abilities to individuals needing to arrive at their objectives. Lisa accepted that whether it was beginning a business, composing a book, or building a plane, fostering the abilities of restrained objective setting could get you there. Lisa shared with her clients, “Focus the illumination of plausibility on your fantasy, and it will jump to activity.”