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Best Things To Do In Henderson, NV

If you are planning a trip to Henderson NV, you should consider some of the best things to do in Henderson. For starters, you can take in one of the great attractions here: the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon tours in Henderson can take you all the way to Las Vegas Strip, but the easiest way to see the canyon is by air. You can fly into Henderson International Airport, which is about thirty miles away from the town. A car rental is often available from the airport, so you won’t have to worry about driving all the way.}

It might not be the Grand Canyon that interests you most, but you should still try to see it while you’re in Henderson. The Silverado Canyon State Park is also a great place for a hiking adventure. There are two trails that you can follow, one going around the rim of the canyon, and the other leading you through canyons and brush habitat. Both of these trails can take about an hour to an hour-and-a-half to complete, depending on the weather conditions and the difficulty of the terrain.

Of course, the best things to do in Henderson NV would not be complete without experiencing some world class gambling, shopping, and sightseeing in this small town. The town is only about two hours from Las Vegas, making it easily accessible to Vegas locals and tourists alike. It has many places to shop, with plenty of local boutiques and specialty stores. You can also experience the world of fine dining, as there is a wide variety of restaurants serving a variety of cuisines.

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