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Killara Childcare – Save Children

The New Protective Gear for Child Care Workers is an essential part of the Killara Childcare initiative, as it helps to prevent child labor in the workplace and protect the safety of children. More than 80% of the child care workers in Kenya live in poverty, so the use of protective gear ensures that these workers do not become trapped in the poverty trap.

Killara Childcare – Select a Daycare Provider

The safety apparel worn by childcare workers has been developed to suit the specific requirements of the industry. This helps to ensure that these workers get all the protection they need. Children’s Protective Clothing can protect them from harmful chemicals such as paint thinner, adhesives, solvents, paint, etc., harmful physical forces such as vibration, heat and cold, abrasive substances like sand, rock, and other materials and the impact of chemicals such as bleach, water, cleaning agents and detergents.

The materials used in these protective clothing are designed to absorb the shock caused by objects such as moving chairs or other machinery and also to reduce stress on the neck, back, shoulders and knees of workers. This also makes it possible to prevent cuts and bruises. during the removal of such substances from clothes during the cleaning process.

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