San Diego DOT Exam Clinic

If you’re interested in obtaining a DOT license and are looking for a San Diego DOT exam clinic, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a new driver, or you’ve been driving for years, a San Diego DOT exam clinic is a great place to get your exam. In fact, some San Diego DOT exam clinics are even certified by the American Trucking Association.

Little Known Ways To San Diego DOT Exam Clinic

Your DOT physical is a comprehensive medical examination that ensures you’re in good health and fit for your job. Your DOT physical will determine whether you’re physically fit enough to drive a commercial vehicle and help keep you safe on the road. This test is required of all commercial drivers, and a qualified medical examiner must perform it. Your exam will also check your vision, hearing, and color perception. Your doctor will also check your hearing to make sure you’re able to hear at a high volume.