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Small Belt Conveyors

small belt conveyors

Small belt conveyor with a maximum height of approx. 800mm, width up to maximum. and a total height up to approx. 1000mm can be manufactured using the base frame BE 020.

The Philosophy Of Small Belt Conveyors

It generates minimal stability due to its small base frame. But this fragile nature of the conveyor is compensated by the high-speed rotating parts that help in its swift movement. For the fast relocation of small parts such as loose or broken parts of wire, pipes, bolts etc it is essential that these parts are not stopped abruptly and they are shifted in a systematic manner without affecting the adjacent parts. To achieve this, the speed of the belt conveyor varies with changes in the distance of the moving parts from each other. Also the conveyor is provided with an automatic stop button which automatically stops the conveyor belts when they cross a particular distance.

Belt conveyor can be used in many industries for various small belt conveyors are available e.g. automotive industries, chemical plants, food processing industries, textile mills, rubber and petroleum industries, power production plants, packaging industry etc. In short we can say that these are versatile machines that are used worldwide for many purposes. A huge variety of them exists in the market and each has a different performance capability. Each machine should be selected in a right way so that it can fulfill all your purpose.

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